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Privacy and Security

Doctor Web, Ltd. is a security concerned company. Being on the front line of cyber security and staying always in the heart of counteraction to contemporary malware threats, the company, as nobody else, feels deep concern and therefore commits itself to excellence of its services. Protection of users` data and time, integrity of their IT-spendings and support of their firm belief into unbreakable safety with Dr.Web have always been and continue to be the company`s valuables of paramount importance.

  • Privacy statement

    Doctor Web, Ltd. respects the confidence of its partners and end users and treats the information they share with us with utmost care. Any information is collected by the company for the technical purposes only, namely for final identification of its end users and for securing the company's obligations during the subscription term.

    The information shared by users and partners while filling the different web-forms is kept in special databases and is used for identification of users when they contact our Technical support service and also for sending such a user different company materials, if earlier such wish was explicitly expressed.

    During the registration and the receipt of the license key file by users, the user identifying information, as well as companies for which the key files are registered, is filed into the databases on the company's web-resources. This information is used exclusively for technical purposes for identification of users when they contact the company's Technical support service, or ask for the license renewal.

    The full text of the Privacy statement is here.

  • How secure is the ordering process in Dr.Web online store?

    The security of the ordering and payment processes is supported by Avangate — Dr.Web`s e-commerce solution provider. All transactions are made using a SSL connection (128 bytes) provided by Verisign. All the data received from our customers is treated exclusively for the purpose of supplying a customer with the ordered product and will never be transferred to any third party.

  • Can I use my freemail address

    When buying Dr.Web e-license for home usage, of course, you can use your freemail address and your e-license for Dr.Web will be sent to this address.

    Before to place your order with us, check your freemail account whether it is active. It might happen that its term expired, or its quota exceeded, it also can be damaged by some worm or be temporary unavailable.