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Dr.Web CureNet!

Remote centralised curing for workstations and MS Windows servers connected to a local network

Dr.Web CureNet!


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  • A solution for remote, centralised curing for Windows PCs and servers, including those running different anti-virus software, regardless of local network size.
  • Control scanning from Windows and iOS devices.
  • The utility is NOT INTENDED to provide resident protection for local networks or individual computers.

System requirements | Description


  • After the payment is received, an e-mail with login and password to access your My Dr.Web account where you will be able to download Dr.Web software will be sent to your address.

License agreement

We recommend that prior to purchase, you familiarize yourself with the terms of the license agreement.

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Renewal terms

No discounts (including the renewal discount) are available for the product. To continue using the product after the license expires, you must purchase a new license at the full price.