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Dr.Web vxCube

  • Intelligent and interactive cloud-based analyses of suspicious objects
  • For security researchers and cybercrime investigators

Dr.Web vxCube


A custom Dr.Web CureIt! build for each malicious or potentially dangerous file

Access period: 10 days

Number of files: 100

Access period: 1 month

Number of files: 250

Access period: 1 month

Number of files: any

Order price:



Is your anti-virus telling you a file is clean, but you have your doubts? Use Dr.Web vxCube to check whether the file is malicious.

In just one minute, you will not only find out whether the file is malicious (and if it is, how harmful it is), but also receive a detailed report that includes a video showing how the file is operating in the system and making modifications to it and what nodes it is connecting to. You will also see its network activity map and more.

If the analysis determines that Dr.Web is not yet able to detect the submitted file, a custom Dr.Web CureIt! build will be generated for you to cure your system.

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License agreement

We recommend that prior to purchase, you familiarize yourself with the terms of the license agreement.

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Renewal terms

To continue using Dr.Web vxCube, you will need to purchase a new license. No renewal discounts are available for Dr.Web vxCube.

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